Damier: Which Bags?

  1. So...as you probably know I am trying to compile the list of bags for my collection...to stay focused.

    In Damier I have the papillon 30 (small handheld, good for day & evening) and speedy 30.

    I need a tote bag...I tried on the Saleyas before and didn't like them.
    I tried on the Hampstead and loved them! I like the MM the most.

    What do you think is the best Damier tote?

    In terms of my Damier collection...what else am I missing (I don't need a wallet, key holder, agenda, etc. I have those - or will have- in other lines)?
  2. I personally love the Cles...in both Damier colors. I can use them as mini'totes. I carry cc's, Drivers license and a little cash. Of course I use it for my keys as well. My favorite Damier is a the Alma and I can't comment on a larger tote as even though I do have a Saleya GM in Azur I am looking for a med size myself! Maybe a Neverfull when the time comes???
  3. I also tried on the Hamstead MM recently and fell in love with it. I thought it was gorgeous, especially the gold plaque.
  4. hampstead MM is a good one
  5. Hampstead sounds good. How did it feel on?
  6. Oh, go for the Hampstead MM! I tried it on and it was so hard to leave it at the boutique!! It's such a nice bag.
  7. I like the Hampstead.
  8. Love the Hampstead
  9. The Hampstead felt great....a little bigger than my BV...but I would basically like to have a tote for rainy days when I need a tote. I find myself grabbing my Coach tote for those days...and I'd rather be carrying good 'ole LV!

    As for a cles....I have a mini lin one....I use them for those stupid store cards....and I'm buying an agenda which will have more slots....so I don't think I have a use for another cles (in fact I sold 3 of my cles just recently)!

    I'm not a fan of the Neverfull in mono....but maybe it'll look different in Damier! This tote purchase probably won't be for a little bit, since I do have 2 Damier bags currently!

    I'm also tossed up about an Azur speedy...it's pretty...but I'd only use it during the summer months...what do you think? Worth the $600+ for a 3-4 month-per-year bag? I don't know....whenever I see it...I just feel 'bleh' about it! I mean if someone gave it to me...yah, I'd use it!
  10. I say go for the Hampstead if you like it! :yes: You could also wait for the Neverfull in Damier, which is what I'm doing ;)
  11. i just like the look of hte hampsteads.
  12. ^^^my too photo! It looks like a sturdy tote that could take some abuse...whereas the Neverfull looks kind of wimpy!
  13. Berkeley might be nice! I think its handles will fit over the shoulder.
  14. I think you should get the Hampstead because it seems you like it a lot! Or you could try out the Uzes or Chelsea...I love the Chelsea.

    I'm still going to hold out for the damier neverfull! I'm not loving the mono ones, but hopefully the damier will change my mind! :nuts:
  15. I think you should go with the Hampstead.