Damier West End PM

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  1. I have searched high and low in this forum and on google but somehow I can't find any pics of this bag or anyone who actually own this bag.

    Anyone have a pic of it with a celebrity or two using this bag? All I know about this bag is that it has been discontinued? Since when? I got my hands on a Damier West End PM with date code SP0998 but I cant find the tag (the one that says made in France on the bag).

    Anyone can help me out here?
  2. I only have this one pic:

    Attached Files:

  3. WOW! Nice! Is that yours? Is the strap too long to be used as a shoulder bag as opposed to a sling bag, if you get what i mean?
  4. ValleyO >> Do you have the actual dimension of this bag and also the GM one?
  5. Anyone here can help!???? No information on the internet or TPF of this bag at all. I need the dimension for both the GM and PM.