Damier Wapity

  1. Sorry to post another new thread:s but I was contemplating getting a wapity. I've read all the threads about guys with wapities, and some can, some can't blah blah blah, I reckon I could pull off a monogram, but was wondering if they would special order a wapity, or does it come under accessories and not actual bags?
  2. Last I checked, about a month ago, they were still not accepting SO for wapitys :sad:

    I want one in damier and red epi!
  3. Love wapitys! I love the mono.
  4. I think SO items are only bags. No accessories.
  5. I applied for a damier wapity too cause I read on their pages they SO bags and certain accesoires, but u must wait georgeslv, I asked them (vuitton.com) and they told me it can be posibble a damier wapity in a future. Keep your fingers closed!
  6. The wapity is technically categorized as "accessories".
  7. damier wapity would sell like hot pancakes! they should definitely consider doing this. also in epi :drool:
  8. Totally agree! both would be sooo hot! I´ve never been an epi lover, in fact I dont have any epi item but that one would be my first one! we should go and sit in front of LV and scream: Damier Wapity! Epi Wapity!:yahoo: haha:graucho:
  9. yeah maybe we should! with banners on our hands! :roflmfao:
  10. Every line should have a wapity... the end lol
  11. yep it should be like the cles, almost everyline have one! so many cles so little money hehe
  12. :yes: i agree........

    i would esp. love it if they had the damier.......
  13. ooooo...I bet they'll come out with a wapity in the spring! hopefully in each line...I'd love one in damier and azur!!1