damier wapity... cross your fingers!

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  1. Hi!! I´m so excited because yesterday I went to LV to have a look and see what was new, I saw the fringe speedys and they are reaaaaallye gorgeous, but reaaaaaaally expensive!! when the SA told me the priice, OMG I was about to faint hehe...

    anyway I could´t contain my curiosity and I asked for a special order about the wapity in damier. I must say, the SA was new or at least I didn´t minded about her the times I went to the store but she knew nothing, she had to look inside the wapity for the name, of course I knew it but i thought she would look silly if a customer would knew more bout her job the herself...

    so, she´s gonna mail someone in Paris, maybe Patrick Vuitton? I really dont know but she´s gonna ask if its possible, I´m really excited just thinking, well first because it would be my very first special order since the damier pochette gange I asked for was imposible... :sad: and, second, a damier wapity is what I ever dreamed with!! well since I got to buy the mono canvas one hehe...
  2. Hehehe a damier wapity would be so cute!!!
  3. Damier wapity would be fabulous! Good luck!
  4. Ahh keep us posted!
  5. I agree a damier wapity would be a great idea:heart:
  6. That would be so adorable! Good luck!
  7. that would be nice, a damier wapity, great little pouch to go with any of the damier bags, especially with the damier speedy.
  8. Aw, I love the Wapity...that would be cute!
  9. I hope they make a damier wapity!,damier will suit it!.I would love if they made a epi mandarin wapity THAT would be beautiful!
  10. Oooh that would be lovely - and you wouldn't have to worry about a dirty wapity ! ;)
  11. :amazed: I would :heart: an epi wapity!
  12. Oh my goodness, have you been reading my mind? I so wanted a damier wapity, please let me know what you find out, if you don't mind?
  13. I think the wapity would be so cute in the damier. Let us know what they say.
  14. 0o0o0o0o damier one... 0o0o0o cute cute!!! SUPER CUTE!
  15. that's great news, a damier wapity would be fab!
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