Damier Wapity, as LV told, its possible!!

  1. :yes: i´m so excited bcz I contacted LV for asking about the damier Wapity, about if it is possible to SO or if someday they´ll make it. I´ll paste the mail:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your reply. While it is always possible that Louis
    Vuitton will produce a Wapity Case in Damier Canvas in the future, it is
    currently not available or announced.

    We are looking forward to your next visit on our web site,

    Best Regards,

    Claire Saint Hilaire - LOUIS VUITTON

    Sooooo excited! cant wait for the to think about making it haha.
  2. Awww maybe we need to do a mass e-mail or such to their site then it might come to fruition easier?
  3. I think so... if so many people show interested in it, it could be easier to make them make it...
  4. I am in, I will send them an email...
  5. did it :biggrin:
  6. that´s so so good1 the more ppl email them, the more they´ll sho interest! and dont know u, but I´m dying for one, please ppl mail Lv!!!
    even if u do like it or not, you can help us anyway hehe...
  7. i had emailed eluxury and received a similar response. i was so desperate for a wapity that i bought one in monogram. i would love on in damier!!
  8. hmmm.......I'd have to see it, but to me the Damier print is too sober to pull off the carefree, ellubient look of the Wapity. It does sound nice though!
  9. I am sure if they are going to add the damier Wapity to their line it will make A LOT of people happy!:smile:
  10. Preety sure of it! I really hope the´l make it!!!!!!!!!
  11. A Damier Wapity would be cute.
    Hmm, I just had a thought - how about a Vernis Wapity?
  12. I for one would love to own a Vernis Wapity! :graucho: delicious! :sneaky:
  13. A vernis wapity would be so delish!
    LV needs to get Wapity ready!
  14. 0o00o i hope they make one in Damier... that would be too cute!!!
  15. A Vernis Wapity would be so fabulous!!!!!!!