Damier wallet with bag too matchy?

  1. I got a damier speedy 25 a few months ago, but I'm still a bit stumped on what wallet to use. For those with damier bags, do you think a damier wallet is too matchy-matchy? Honestly, I'm not big on spending a lot for accessories, but I'm tempted to go with a Damier wallet since I'm having a hard time finding a wallet to go with the Damier pattern, KWIM? I've been using a tan leather Longchamp so far that doesn't quite go with the bag so any advice would be, of course, much appreciated! :smile:
  2. <----im usually a bag and wallet matcher, so why not get a great damier wallet to go with the bag too? There are alot of coordinating lines in LV that you could match with damier, so you have alot of options.
  3. I use my monogram acess. with my Damier. Spices it up a bit.
  4. Hmm, I personally like to be matchy-matchy so I would go for the matching Damier wallet.

    However, IF you want to mix it up just a little bit .... maybe you should get a Damier AZUR wallet since you already have a Regular Damier Bag. That way they both still have the same pattern but are different in color.
  5. i love things matchy-matchy, but also love to switch up the lines and mix and match. any way you do it, it will always looks great because its LV.
  6. Personally, I think the mono goes with everything, but that being said if i had the money and could afford a ton of wallets. OR at least 4 one for each season :smile:

    I've had a mono wallet for years and just finally go rid of it and now just using a solid color it works great with all my bags and i love it more because it works well with me for function.
    Truthfully its in your bag so it doesnt really matter if it matches or not. I think its more about function :smile:
  7. White multicolor looks great with ebene Damier, in my opinion. The wallet is INSIDE the bag, not outside, so I try to coordinate with the bag's interior. See how white MC looks against the red interior of a Damier bag.
  8. I have the Damier Koala wallet (because the interior is red), it looks just great with my Damier Alma, and my mono bags.
  9. I too am matchy-matchy - I've gotta have a wallet to match every bag. The only problem is that if you change bags often putting all of your stuff into a new wallet all of the time is a giant pain!!
  10. go right ahead and be matchy-matchy. anyway, the wallet stays inside the bag most of the time :smile:
  11. Matchy-matchy... mix n' match... it's all good! :biggrin:
  12. I agree. Couldn't have said it any better.
  13. Heavens, I love the damier, and I have yet to convince myself to get anything else..... (says the women w/all of 2 LV pieces).... I have a damier purse & a damier koala agenda and I like how it matches...and I love my damier agenda b/c it "goes" w/o being all matchy with my other non-LV purses! :tup:
  14. I don't think it's matchy-matchy when you do a wallet and bag combo. If you throw in a damier cles, damier pochette and a damier key holder, then it can be much.
  15. I know what you mean, Eugin. After a lot of deliberation I bought a Damier Cles to go with my Damier agenda that has red inside. I was worried that they'd look too matchy and wanted to mix it up a bit, so was seriously considering getting a mono cerises Cles instead to bring out the red.. but I played around with some pictures and found putting the mono with the damier just didn't look right. *shrugs*

    If I were you I'd get a Koala purse, so that it's Damier too, but has that bright coloured lining to spice it up a bit. It would look better and less on-purpose than if you had a plain Damier purse.