Damier vs. Mono Speedy - which do you love/use more?

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  1. Hello all-
    Now that my husband and I are remodeling our home, new bags are few and far between. I have the Mono Speedy 25 and love it, and I've been coveting the Damier Speedy for a long time now. (I'm thinking about getting the 30 b/c I already have a 25 - even though I like the damier 25 better than the 30). But, I was wondering if anyone actually carries their Damier Speedy more often than the Mono. Is it worth obsessing over when it would take me forever to save for it? No matter how many other bags I have, I always go back to my Mono Speedy. Many thanks.
  2. Don't have a Speedy (yet), but I LOVE my Damier Papillon and use it everyday, so I would imagine the same would be true for a Speedy. Since I already have a Damier, I wish they made a lighter tan version of the check pattern with tan leather handles (not vachetta).
    I don't ever see myself getting anything Mono, it's just too flashy to me, but certainly looks great on others!
  3. I think the damier is great if you live in a climate that has a lot of rain or snow :smile: it can be your no worry bag :biggrin:
  4. I love the mono speedy 30!!! It's my all time favorite!
  5. I've had the mono for about 1.5 years and the Damier .5 years. The Damier Speedy was my first Damier piece. I use the Damier more but it may be because I have so many mono pieces. I think the Damier looks dressier/more formal and its great because there's no vachetta to worry about. The mono has a real classy look and can also be more casual and fun. I wouldn't be able to say which one I like more to be honest.
  6. i have a cerises speedy and planning on getting a damier to use as a casual and everyday bag cause dont have to worry about any patina =] and can use it cold or hot
  7. I love how the damier looks on the Speedy, it gives the bag a certain depth. I am going to try and get it in the 35, if at all possible.
  8. I love damier in the 30. I'm saving up to get it; may take awhile. I always seem to find ways to spend it before I save it!!!
  9. I like my damier speedy better and wear it more than my mono one. I prefer my bv to my mono speedy too. But I love having a mono speedy and will have it forever, it's just a little high maintenance being a hand held vachetta trim bag. I love damier in the papillon and speedy style, I say go for it! But no need to obsess it will always be around, you'll get it eventually, it's not going anywhere, lol.
  10. i prefer the damier speedy more than the mono...the mono is just too common, IMO.
  11. I use the damier more.....but I think it's because it's the 25...
  12. i have the damier speedy 25, and mono 30.
    i definitely use the speedy damier more often due to the low maintenance. and i think that damier goes well with everything
  13. Damier for sure. I use the Mono one occasionally but I use the Damier one a lot more.
  14. I agree and think the damier 25 looks better than the 30. I was in the same situation as you before - I had a mono 25 and wanted the damier azur in the 25 size as opposed to the 30 since I thought azur looked better in the smaller size. So I wish I had gotten the mono 30 instead of the 25 so I could have one mono 30 and one azur 25... Well, I ended up gettting a mono 30 and azur 25 in addition to the mono 25 I had.

    I think ideally a damier in 25 and mono in 30 would be best. Then you have 2 lines and both sizes. Damier 30 looked too big on me. So if you can part with your mono 25, I would get a mono 30 and damier 25 instead.
  15. I had both mono speedy 25 and damier speedy 25, but ended up favoring the mono instead. I sold the damier and hoping to replace it with a duomo or a berkeley. I think damier looks better as a structured bag.