Damier vs. Mono PTI

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  1. Which do you prefer, the PTI in Damier or Mono? Also, for anyone who has this wallet, does the inside leather patina after use?

  2. I prefer mono :yes:
  3. Damier - the interior is already dark...
  4. Mono!
  5. I like Mono... it matches with my other bags.
  6. i prefer damier...it doesn't get old that fast..
  7. mono for me hands down.
  8. Damier :smile:
  9. monogram
  10. Mono
  11. I would go for the Damier PTI :yes:
  12. I don't like the Damier at all in the PTI - too masculine as the wallet is already big. The PTI in mono wears beautifully - will look nice for many many years. The inside of the mono PTI is cross grain leather - it's not vachetta - so it won't get any darker - also doesn't stain or anything.

    Hands down - I like the mono much better in the PTI - much more feminine and pretty.