Damier Vs. Mono pricing

  1. I might be off but I thought the prices for the mono and the damier were the same. I was looking for a gift for my friend on elux and I noticed the cost of the mono PTI is listed at $485 while the damier PTI is listed at $455. No biggie but for some reason I just always assumed they were the same?!!:shrugs:
  2. I thought that they were the same price as well...boy you are some friend dropping that kinda cash...my friends and I get each other cheap gifts about 20 dollars usually...bottle of wine or bath soap stuff....getting an LV PTI wallet would be a lot of pressure...like OMG what to I get her in return sort of thing...you are too sweet...LV is the way to a girls heart...
  3. LOL Yeah but she has given me some pretty major gifts that's why I don't want to cheap out on her!
  4. Well, the damier koala wallet is more expensive than the mono version. Weird :shrugs:
  5. I guess red leather lining makes it mor expensive..
  6. Oyy! I know what you mean!:nuts:
    my best friends give me so much nice stuff too...
    So Christmas can be sooooo expensive!!!
  7. no do not be cheap if she buys you LV you must reciprocate...I can barely afford to buy myself LV let alone friends...but, then again my friends are super cheap and would never buy LV for themselves...it is sad but, my gf do not get fashion they are matronly bunch who prefer food...isn't that weird that I am the opposite and I make less money...they do not get designer anything...walmart and winners are their style and I darling love and lust after the luxurious items....I am too much!!!!