Damier vs. LV Mono Canvas

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  1. Sorry if I keep obsessing but I really put a lot of thought into the purchase of my new bag. I thought I had my sights set on the LV Batignolles vertical or Popincourt Haut. Now the logical side of my brain is kicking in and wants the Damier Papillon 30 due to its weatherproof exterior. I won't have to worry about water stains, marks, etc. But, on the other hand will the barrel shape of the Papillon be too awkward? I really like the Mono too but wonder if the vachetta is just too much work to keep up (even though I've done it w/ my other bags but I now want a low-maintenance bag).:lol: Curious as to your opinions??? What are the pros and cons of both exteriors?
  2. I have the LV damier papillon 26 (I recently posted about it in another thread) and I love it. It's not uncomfortable to carry at all. It is the smaller size, so it can only be carried by hand or in the crook of the elbow, but I don't find it cumbersome at all, and it fits everything I need. I love the shape, too. It was my first LV purchase, bought it about a month ago.

  3. The Papillon 30 would fit easily over the shoulder then? It seems like the Damier would go w/ everything too but I guess the Mono would as well. This is where I'm absolutely torn!:wacko:
  4. Did you go into the LV store and try on both bags? It might help you make your decision.
  5. Yes, the Papillon 30 can be carried on the shoulder. I went into the LV boutique and tried the one I bought in both the monogram and damier canvas, and went with the damier. I agree with Irissy - go try them on, it might help make your decision easier.
  6. I'll do that..the reason why I haven't so far is b/c the boutique is so far away but looks like I don't have a choice. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. Oh I know it's so hard to make a decision when I plan to buy a purse because....it so many that I like and I want! So I understand your feeling. I am in the same position with you. I have Brera Damiar Canvas and Mono LV speedy 30, Mono Boulogne and I love all of them. Now I am thinking of getting that Mono Vernis Houston Tote. The two colors are beautiful (Perle and Noisette). I wonder what color looks great on me? They both are so luxuriuos looking. I definitelly suggest you go to the LV boutique to make your decision easier. I Love LV!
  8. I have a Popincourt Haut and I don't really treat it "special" or anything. I don't take it in the rain/snow, but that's because I tend to wear a lot of black in dreary weather. My patina isn't very dark, but it's coming along nicely, and anytime it has gotten wet, it's quickly faded with normal wear.
  9. Interesting point...do you think the flaps at the ends of the buckles would start to flip up? Do you know what I'm talking about (hopefully it makes sense:huh: ). Considering I live in AZ, I don't think it will be threatened by rain any time soon!:lol:
  10. Ok, so this also poses another dilemma: Damier Papillon 30 or the Popincourt Haut? Pros and cons anyone?
  11. I like the shape of the Papillon 30 more than the Popincourt Haut :biggrin:
  12. That's right..I know you have one and absolutely love it. Do things clank around in there when you're walking or does it seem pretty stable? I know this is a weird question but I tend to get a little anal-retentive when it comes to my fragile possessions:P
  13. Popincourt Haut looks like a tote...a little mature I think. I like the Papillon better. Did you know the papillon was carried by Samantha in Bewitched...that show is old but on cable now lol....some of us remember that show!!! Damier has the darker handles...it goes with almost everything. Walk around the store with it...maybe take 2 home and return 1.
  14. Oh my gosh, I knew the Papillon was old but wow! My fear is walking into the boutique and getting so overwhelmed with infatuation that I buy on impulse! I just want to walk out w/ one bag so I must maintain some willpower or I'd go crazy!:wacko: But I'm older so want something mature but yet still funky. That's my predicament I guess.
  15. I have the Damier Papillon 26 as well. Personally, I wouldn't wear the the 30 on my shoulder, because I think it looks awful squished up under the arm.

    I don't think I would buy a Damier bag again just because it's now just as iconic as the Monogram canvas. However, between the two I would definitely for go for the Damier Papillon. The staps don't show any signs of wear, where as the vachetta on a Monogram would.