Damier, Vernis, Mirror headbands!

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  1. I was just thinking....I really wish they made headbands (similar in shape/thickness of the Burberry ones) in these lines. Honestly, it would be SMOKIN' HOT. :crybaby: I'm so sad they don't, though.

    Anything you wishing they would make right now?
  2. I want a Louis Vuitton ring - not a bubble one though =( They don't make many rings.
    You can always wear a bandeau as a headband.....
    (but of course I would say that)
  3. I wish Lv would make Canvas shoping bags like the Lvoe totes, But with no Lvoe on them.
  4. A white Inclusion bangle and ring that looks like the Speedy keyring, hair cubes and cell phone charm. The white with the pastel crystals looked gorgeous, I don't know why they changed it to transparent for those two pieces.
  5. when I saw the title, I thought you had info on release dates of the headbands! :p
  6. ^ lol! i just reread and realized that. sorry to disappoint! i WISH that was the news i had. ;)

    LVbabydoll, OMG, that sounds so amazing! I would buy it in a HEARTBEAT!!
  7. ^^Same here lol. I think they'd be gorgeous!
  8. I wish they were still making the Soana Sacochees- I really, really want one in caramel but I think they're all gone :crybaby:
  9. Me too!! :lol:

    Miroir headbands sound HOT! I'll take one in silver please!
    Hmm I agree with Rebecca about the white inclusion bracelet...
    I also agree with Nyria with an LV ring...I like the sweet monogram one, but I want something more simple.
  10. I would take one in silver, gold, and pink vernis! YUMMY!! :nuts:
  11. Wouldn't that be HOT in Mini Lin? :graucho:
  12. ^^ totally, i want mine in dune!!
  13. Headbands would be great, they did come out with the Sweet Monogram headbands, that's at least something :smile: - but definitely would like one in Mirror or Vernis especially :smile:
  14. yes the headbands are such a good idea :smile:
  15. Oooh I think that would be really cute!