damier vernis + ludlow question

  1. trying to ask all my questions in one thread

    where is the datecode on the ludlow?
    i can't seem to find it

    and also which year was the damier vernis (or is it damier glace) collection released?
    and what colours did it come in?

  2. The damier glace came in one colour. I'm trying to remember what year, 2002-3 maybe?

    ...i think. Don't take my word on it. I'll pass it on to someone else who is sure
  3. Damier Glace and Damier Vernis were two different things. The Damier Vernis came in black, dark blue, and a deep bordeaux color, in three or four evening bag styles and the wallet. Not sure when it came out though.
  4. Damier Vernis is gorgeous. I'm hoping to get a ludlow from this line someday. I've seen it in the 3 colors mentioned by pointie. I'm not sure when they came out either, sorry!
  5. Damier Glace - 2001
    Red, white, black, and some gray color.

    Not sure about the Damier Vernis but I'm thinking around 2002 or so. I dont remember at all.
    This one came in 3 colors, black, blue and some reddish marroon color.