Damier Venice vs Sac Plat-Differences?

  1. Just wondering what is the difference of Venice and Sac Plat? They look almost identical on pix, but what's the difference of them? many thanks!
  2. are they both same size?
  3. i never use to like the sac plat but i think if i go back to school that i am gonna get that for myself as a gift for school.
  4. By looking at the dimensions in the auction.
    Sac Plat- 14.5"x 15"x 3.5"
    Venice- 11.5"x 11.5"x 3.5"
    Venice is square and smaller than the Sac Plat.
  5. ah I See, i still like the Sac Plat better, but would love the zipper of Venice.....think i can add zipper to it in local seamstress shop?
  6. I would love a Sac Plat with a zipper too:p . By looking at the Sac Plat, it's really structured on the top edges so I don't think you can add a zipper, moreover you won't want to alter/repair any LV yourself other than LV as they won't touch it once it's been altered/repaired by someone else.:s