Damier Venice: Male or Female or Other???? Plz vote!


What to do? Damier Venice: Male or Female

  1. Male

  2. Female

  3. Unisex

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  1. I have been tortured by this bag but please help me decide male or female or unisex!!??:push:
    Damier Venice.jpg
  2. Thnx for the pic InterestingShop
  3. Hmmm... I've only seen pics of this bag, never IRL... :love:

    Honestly, I think I'd need to see it modeled before I have a concrete answer, even though I voted unisex...

    If handheld...it makes me think "feminine":cutesy:

    If you attach shoulderstraps & wear it crossbody, somehow that makes me think more masculine... :biguns:

    I know, I know... I'm really no help at all! :rolleyes:
  4. i'd say the general shape is pretty unisex, but the Venice is smaller than a Sac Plat. i'd go for a Sac Plat instead :yes:
  5. Thanks for trying though!!
  6. That bag looks unisex to me. In my complete honest opinion, I think more for male than female.
  7. Thanks duck...

  8. Venice is a bag devoted to women undoubtedly, like the Sac plat !
  9. Thanks! I am all smiles now!
  10. Follow your heart. Get it if you love it. Some people told me the Nolita 24h was designed for women, but I loved it so I got it anyway. And it looks great with me carrying it.
  11. i agree :yes:
  12. I would vote for unisex. :smile: Although I think for female, its good more for work bag
  13. Nice Nolita BTW...
  14. me 3. :p
  15. I say it looks unisex :p