Damier Vaslav Bag

  1. Hi guys..
    I'm such in "troubels" my parents are taking me to the city with the ONLY LV store in the whole country at wednesday. I WANT TO HAVE A NEW BAG, but I don't know which one yet.
    I'm thinking the Vaslav bag, but do anyone have pictures of it. I mean, IRL-pictures .

    I'm trying to find the perfect bag for dayli use.
    Idea, just let me hear it ;)

  2. My doctor has the vaslav bag and he loves it, I love it too only when it is not OPENED up and all pointy looking. Personally for the same $ i would go for an Epi Keepall instead, but thats me :smile:
  3. I wanted to get it once before too. I have a feeling the Vaslav is a tad too big for daily use? Or maybe it's just me. It has its shape issues as well at times, but I always thought those side clips were cool. Have to say, you need to actually see it IRL to make a decision on this piece.
  4. i used to love that bag and almost decided to get one until i saw it IRL, the proportion just not right and it definitely looking different from the image on LV website. Sorry i dont have any IRL picture, but i can tell you, vaslav is alot "fatter" than how it looks on the website.and the handle is shorter too.
  5. I don't think it's too big for daily use if you carry around quite a bit. Probably about equal to the Carryall and much better IMO for daily use than a Keepall 45.