Damier Trouville

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  1. SO possible?

    why didn't they make one...is the sarria design representative?

    PS: i love the sarria mini....................!
  2. It seems like it's been out long enough that it might be able to be done...maybe they're actually planning on making it a part of their regular line though. Either that or no one's ever really asked.
  3. how i wish to hv one
  4. Me too, it would be gorgeous! Trouville is one of my favourite LV bags:heart:
  5. I am pretty sure I saw one of these on eBay a while back so I think it is possible to SO one!

    ETA: Actually now I remember it was a Damier Deauville that I saw on eBay.
  6. Ive seen the Special Order Damier Trouville and Deauville in the LV Boutique.. They are very lovely!
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