Damier Trousse Makeup or Damier Pochette Accessoires?

  1. Please help me decide! I'm tending towards the Trousse, because I already have a Mono Pochette...
  2. Get the Trousse. It's cute. :yes:

    However, if you think you'll be needing something with a strap, then pick the other one.
  3. Sorry, not one of the choices, but what about a poche toilette, that comes in damier too and is totally different, you can use it as a clutch or make up bag?
  4. Get the Trousse then :smile:
  5. i'd go with trousse. but the poche toilette is nice too. :yes:
  6. the poche toilette doesn't have a strap right? I need something to carry on my shoulder...

    btw pics of the damier pochette accessoires are up on vuitton.com!
  7. That's correct. The poche toilette doesn't have a strap.

    Oh, and btw, ignore the part that I said in my earlier post about: "However, if you think you'll be needing something with a strap, then pick the other one" - sorry, I just remembered now that the Trousse DOES have a strap! :wacko:
  8. Trousse. I just got it, and love it, very cute and not as common as the pochette.
  9. Trousse. Since you already have a mono pochette, mix it up a little :biggrin:
  10. here comes...my opinion!!

    i prefer the damier pochette accessories..because it's rare..and i've just sold a damier trousse..it's really too small...and it's too square for me!
  11. I love my trousse it's kinda different and still holds as much as the pochettes because it's got a wider base.....
  12. could someone pleeeease post pics with what fits into the trousse? that would be really helpful :biggrin:
  13. I'm also a little worried about the square part...I also hope it's comfy under the arm, at least the pochette is because it's so flat...
  14. Taco - thanks for the picture. My thoughts exactly. The pochette tends to get lumpy coz it's thinner. I like how the Trousse has a wider base. And it isn't as common as the pochette.
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