Damier Trousse makeup bag.

  1. Is this bag large enough to be carried as a normal handbag?
    Does it fit as much as the epi pochette, or more, but less than the regular pochettes? What about the Navona?

    Is the strap long enough...IF I use the pochette extender?

    Pics for size comparisons to other bags or pics of what fits inside would be greatly appreciated :flowers:

  2. That stap looks pretty tiny to me.
  3. The stap is canvas, not leather as the Novona. If you're going to use it mostly as a handbag, I would go with the Novana.:smile:
  4. I have the Navona and use it with my extender. It's about the same size as a Pochette, however, the way the zipper is attatched is a bit different.

    I'm not sure on the other one. Pics in my collection link below. (Page 4 & 5)
  5. Nope, I compared the two in person and even asked my SA why it was not leather and she said, "Oh, I didn't even noticed that they are not, I thought the handle were the same as the Novana,that's strange!" This is probably why the price is lesser, too.:yes: Look closely on the strap and you will see that it has the texture just like the canvas.;)
  6. I tried it on in the shop and I think it will fit more than the Navona. And the strap goes easily on the shoulder, with or without extender! Will be my next purchase :biggrin: The sides and straps are leather I think, but structured leather as in some other Damier bags.
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