Damier "Trousse Make-up" ->

  1. Can it be worn as a pochette? How much does it hold?
  2. Yes it can! This was my first LV piece and it is quite roomy! I was able to fit my Treo cell phone, as well as my 3 keys, a few credit cards, powder, and a lipgloss pot. It looks tiny, but it is quite wide!
  3. good to know, thanks! it could become my first damier-piece...
  4. I'll take a photo and send you a pm when I get back from work! (That's in 13 hours!) :yes: Yay! If you get it you will love it!
  5. oh cool, thanks in advance!
  6. yes! i wanted to ask this. i need a small damier bag, like a pochette. like now haha.
  7. There's also a navona for those interested in a pochette-sized damier bag ! :yes:
  8. Can anyone post pics of these two bags? I'm curious too... thanks!
  9. woooo, I'd become Damier lover recently. Must check those, thanks !
  10. [​IMG]




    From the benevolent eLux !
  11. I bought a Navona strap for the little cosmetic case that came with my Marais and use it as a tiny evening bag.
  12. Sorry I took so long to post the photos! I've been working and plus, I had to black out my card # on Photoshop. lol. Here they are!
    DSC_0039.jpg DSC_0045.jpg
  13. that's quite a bit u can fit in!