Damier Trevi Gm/Pm PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. Hi there guys, I need some help regarding the damier trevi pm/gm Is the bag suppost to have feet at the bottom or not? I saw this bag online that i want to buy everything looks good and auth. other than the whole feet thing. I am not sure if its suppost to have feet. PLEASE HELP! :confused1:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes, it does have feet. I hope that helps... good luck.
  3. I would only buy this bag from eluxury.com or louisvuitton.com to avoid getting ripped off. It's quite an expensive bag to end up with a fake. JMHO
  4. I agree...use e bates to save 3%
  5. If you are buying from eBay please have it authenticated in the authentication thread in this forum. Yes, the bag has feet.
  6. yeah i think it does
  7. I have the Trevi GM. Yes, it does have feets. :smile: