Damier Totally???

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  1. I read somewhere on this forum that the totally would be released in the damier ebene print on March 1st. Anyone heard more info on this? Is that true? If so I need it in my life!
  2. There's different dates being mentioned some march some mid year but who knows
  3. I called 866 and they said August.
  4. Nice! I love my Totally...I would love one one ebene!
  5. +1
  6. I want this bag sooo badly! I'm considering selling my neverfull pm in damier ebene for the totally in damier ebene. It literally seems like the perfect bag for me.
  7. I really hope it's true. I want it bad.
  8. Omg... I hope so, because this will be the perfect bag for me!!!
  9. I heard August also. But yes my SA said its coming this year :smile:
  10. Can't wait!
  11. Omg so excited!
  12. U heard it will be in April
  13. it is
  14. March 28 is the release date. $1200 for PM and $1350/$1380 (can't remember exactly.) I just got off the phone with Client Services to ask about another product when I asked her to confirm date/price of Totally DE. Dimensions are the same as other Totallys, but there are slight design tweaks (I posted them elsewhere on tPF and don't have the email anymore from my SA.) Hope this helps.

  15. Do you remember where on tpf you posted?