Damier- Tiny Missing Pieces of Pattern?

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  1. I am have a LV Damier Cosmetic Pouch. I noticed the square that has "Louis Vuitton Paris" written on it has missing color from the lettering. They are just small tiny missing pieces.

    Is this normal wear for the Damier pattern?

    The pouch also has scattered small bits of missing color mainly from the lighter brown on the checkered pattern.


  2. It sounds like normal wear or just how the pattern happened to be placed/set, but to confirm, do you have pics?
  3. Thanks Sophiae. Let me see if I can take a couple shots for you! The areas are small but, should show in photos.
  4. Can you see the areas I am talking about? [​IMG]
  5. Yes, I see it. Is it like that all over? If so, it is the way the pattern was set.
  6. Looks normal to me, the prints do rub off.
  7. Cool! Thanks for the replies. The wear is kind of speared all over the pouch! Just wanted to make sure it was normal!
  8. My Damier boite flacons looks just like that. I just bought it a few weeks ago but it has been floating around the world for a few years waiting for me to find her!:biggrin:
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    Don't worry, it's fine. My damier Eva is like that in the light brown areas and it's not wear it is a characteristic of the pattern and texture of the canvas. Although in some of the squares it may be a little more pronounced, but not wear or defected at all.