Damier... the 'it' canvas on 2008?

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  1. In Saturday's Ottawa Citizen, LV's Damier canvas is on the 'it' list for 2008. They seem especially fond of the azur line, which seems silly to me because anything white in Ottawa winters = recipe for disaster! (esp. with all the crazy weather we've been having).

    What do you think? I must admit I've started to notice a lot more Damier. Do you think it will become as prominent as monogram?
  2. I think a lot of people are scared of the vachetta on the monogram and vernis lines so they opt for damier as a care/stress-free bag as well as it being a pattern that many recognise as Louis. I love damier bags, since a few of the classics also come in damier, it makes it more appealing to many!
  3. I think Damier will gain more popularity in the future since a lot of people are turning towards it because it's less seen than the mono (read more unique).

    Given enough time Damier will catch up with Mono because it's also a worry free, all weather bag (In ebene, I mean)..
  4. i think there are going to be more styles coming out in damier for '08. it is a refreshing LV to have. i would like to add a damier neverfull to my collection.
  5. I personally don't think it will be as prominent as Mono. I know it came out before the Monogram did. But the Monogram blew it away as far as popularity. I do believe it will have staying power. But I think that Monogram will be as relevant in 50 years or maybe even longer as it is today....JMO

  6. I totally agree. I think Mono will always be WAY more popular
  7. I think it's the go-to bag for any type of weather as everyone hates to worry about vachetta all the time. It's gaining popularity and may seem to be bigger than mono at times, but mono will always be more popular.
  8. i still think that mono are the most classic icon for LV, but damier gained some popularities recent years especially they issued the azur line.
  9. it will be the "it" canvas for me! I just got my first damier bag for christmas
  10. oh congrats!

    Love Damier - what did you get?
  11. Damier will always be the "it" canvas for me. It's my fav!

  12. ITA. :tup:
  13. I love Damier! It's my first bag. No hassle bag.
  14. I love Damier more then Mono, because Mono is too often too see (here in Switzerland!). Everybody wears Mono bags. Damier is classy and elegant and a little "understated", what I personally like more for my bags. For me it isn't important, that other people see, that I wear a LV bag. For a lot of people, this is very important and sometimes the only reason, to wear Mono bags.
    Plus, the Damier was the first design of LV BEFORE the Monogramm. For me it's the "real" and typical LV Design.:yes:
  15. ITA, I couldnt have put it better myself :flowers: