Damier Tango?

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  1. Anyone a fan of or own the Damier Tango long strap? I am looking for an across the body bag that is nice in size and can hold essentials for everyday use. Also something good for traveling. Any thoughts are appreciated:biggrin:

    P.S.I have tried on the monogram pochette bosphore, but found the strap too thick for me. I also wonder about the viva cite pm. Haven't tried that one on:amuse:
    Thank you!
  2. the damier tango is sooo nice! i have the monogram one, the damier strikes me as more classy..whereas the monogram is more casual. it is a great bag! and i agree with you about the bosphore...i wasn't a fan of the strap being fabric either. i would totally recommend the tango. it fits my wallet, cell, camera, keys comfortably.
  3. Hi Blushingbaby!
    Thank you for your thoughts and recommendation:amuse:! May I ask if you have the long strap? Is it comfortable to wear across the body? I :love: monogram, but I have enough monograms and am interested in damier. I think I need the tango!
  4. sadly i have the short strap. i regret not getting the long strap...but yes you can wear the long strap across your body. its a great choice for a bag!
  5. Can someone post pictures of this bag for my viewing pleasure?