Damier Stitching/Details

  1. Hi everyone, first off this is such a great site! I hope you don't mind a newbie with a Q :p I'm actually kinda new to LV but I do love the Damier pattern. The pattern itself is what got me into LV (so beautiful and classy!).

    I'm saving up for a first piece but the other day I saw a really gorgeous Damier Keepall 50 at a consignment shop and wanted to ask you guys what color would the stitching be on a real one? This one had a dark brown/black stitch whereas I looked on Vuitton's site and it was a orange one?

    The shop owner said that it was real and was made in Spain and explained that different materials were used in different countries. The price is also affordable for me atm. I couldn't take any pictures. Unfortunately the nearest Vuitton botique is miles away and can't look at one. Everything else seems to be on par, it had the older terracotta lining, date stamp, and the leather was not stiff.

    Can anyone provide any insight on Made in Spain vuittons? As well as Damier keepalls in general?

    Thanks for all those with advice!
  2. I don't believe think they make Damier Keepalls in spain. The stitching on mine is dark brown... what is the price he is asking? sorry to say but this sounds like a fake to me :sad:
  3. i don't have a damier keepall but i do have a damier speedy and the stitching on it is dark brown, practically the same color as the leather on the handles and tabs. hope this helps! :smile:
  4. Thanks so much for the info!

    FashionMIKE: Nothing to be sorry about! Every bit of information helps. He was asking $450. Do you mind taking an up close picture when you have the time? Thank you again! :smile:

    tinggayforever: VERY helpful advice! I'm gonna try and print out a color swatch and compare it.

    Are damiers known to have varied colors in stitching? Since I've heard that they do with the canvases being brown-greenish to brown-orange or something like that. Thanks thanks again! I love this forum :smile: