Damier Sporty bag....is it LE????

  1. Anyone know if this is part of the permanent lineup or LE?? I don't want to miss out on this one-Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I believe it is going to be permanent...
  3. I had also heard permanent! :yes:
  4. ya, i'm pretty sure it's permanent
  5. Whew...that's a relief! Thank you :smile:
  6. do u know when its goin to be released
  7. I thought it was the beginning of May but someone else said the end of May....more time to save up! ;)
  8. are there pics for this bag? i'd love to see it! TIA!
  9. permanent.
  10. The Sporty is gorgeous! I'm glad they've decided to make it permanent.
  11. ^yep :yes: so i have time to save up for it!
  12. Such a hot bag! I can't wait...

  13. It's the pic in Ilovepurse007's sig. It'll be in both the Azur and regular Damier.
  14. From what I remember, it's May 1 in the book, but they might change the date... If you really want it, ask for a SA to call you once the bag arrives:yes:
  15. Hiii

    I just got it tonight from my fiance.. will post pics tomorrow
    I LOVE IT!