Damier Speedy

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  1. I went to Bloomingdale's in NYC and took a look at the LV boutique. I asked about a wait-list on the Damier Speedy ( the SA's were nice!). They told me that there is no wait list because production has been moved back to Fall/Winter...:sad:

    I asked about the estimated prices as well. She said the 25 should run about $720 and the 30 about $745...

    Boo on the wait :Push:
  2. WHAT!!!!! Now I am really going for a shoulder bag.
  3. That means that we have to wait toooooo long :evil: :oh: :cry: :cry:
    Oh, well, the bright side is... more time to save $$$$$ :nuts:
  4. Wow, can't they get their story straight?
    Last week LV france told me June definitely! :huh: So annoying!
  5. Yes, it's very annoying I can assure you. I had a big huge mix-up w/ an alleged promised Damier Speedy bag for me the beginning of this year and I was so PO'd I didn't get it. Needless to say, the search for the bag has lost its luster for the moment. Maybe when they decide to get their act together, I'll stop by LV to ogle.
  6. well, look on the bright side... it's not too expensive comparing to MC and Epi.
  7. Okay, I just spoke with a Lisa, through 866-VUITTON, and what she told me was that the bag will be released in June, and the price will be around the same amont of the mono speedy. She was informed of this through marketing a couple of days ago. So ladies looks like everything still stands as far as that goes. I also called my SA at the houston boutique and he to reassured me that as far as his last meeting it will be relased in June also.
  8. ^^The SAs that I spoke to today really need to get their act together then. They have no clue apparently. I guess you either get a rude SA who knows something, or nice ones who know nothing!
  9. ^^ I know, the SA's at the SF LV yesterday told me September. And that it would be around the same price as mono. I wish they would get the story straight! :sad: I wanna know!
  10. Yeesh, this is confusing.

    There is absolutely no reason for them to give the Damier Speedies a price higher than that of the Monogram Canvas Speedies, so I really hope that they don't give them a higher price. The Alma, the Papillon 30, and the Papillon 26 have the same price in both Monogram and Damier, so I really don't see why they would feel the need to make a Damier Speedy cost more than a Monogram Speedy.
  11. There's no reason except they can get more money from the customer if there's a demand.. I hope they don't !!! :Push:
  12. Yeah, that's a good reason, but a mean one :P
  13. that bis horrble.
  14. i can't wait to see it!
  15. I'm so excited though! :biggrin: waiting is also part of the fun!
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