Damier Speedy

  1. Purchased a Damier speedy 25 today. I read on a thread that they are made in France and that they'll soon start making them in the U.S. And also that the prices were going up. I can't seem to find that thread.

    Anyways, mine is made in the U.S.A. :sad: SUCKS.

    I really wanted to avoid purchasing one that was made in the U.S. because it just doesn't seem authentic to me. Also, the brass hardware is so cheap. They should've made it with the same hardware as the papillion. And the leather material. It seem so much thinner/flimsier than the mono speedy.

    All the other Damier speedy owners, do you feel the same? I do love the bag, it is gorgeous. I just think it was cheaply made.
  2. I rather like mine, it is made in France. I did have a mono Speedy for a few days (until I decided to exchange it for my Popincourt Haut) and I don't really notice a difference between the 2 canvases...then again, I only had the mono for a very short time. That is too bad that you are not as happy as you should be :o(
  3. Hi Jinsun, I guess you got the second batch of bags that's why made in USA. I got mine the date they released it so it made in France. I personally don't mind Made in USA or France. I have mono speedy made in USA but I can't tell the diffs. between mono and damier material made in France.
  4. hey Jinsun, congrats on getting a speedy daimer 25! its such a cute bag! maybe one day i'll get one too! is there anyway you could try and get your local LV store to track down a made in France one??? (i'm probably dreaming...) but its worth a shot!
    good luck! its still a cute bag regardless where it's made! :smile:
  5. My Damier was Made in France, I purchased on the day it was released.

    fyi. I purchased a Cerises Pochette (made in Spain) couple of weeks ago, it drove me insane so I searched all the LV's in NY to find me a made in France one and I found one. When I exchanged and told the SA the reason he thought I was nuts and literally gave me this look :blink:
    But in the end I felt much better and so happy with the Cerises Pochette which is hard to find in the first place. So don't feel bad going to the store and ask for made in France Damier Speedy. Some stores should still have the first batches.
  6. I'm not at all implying that the ones made in the U.S.A. are made differently. I just prefer one that are made in France.

    I'm actually not at home, at my boyfriend's. When I go home tomorrow I will compare the mono and the damier speedy. But to my recollection, I do remember the mono speedy being a little thicker and sturdier than the damier.
  7. Ya, I read on another thread that some members here felt that the damier canvas on the speedy was thinner than the mono canvas. But then I don't have a mono speedy so I can't compare it with my damier speedy. I got mine the 2nd day it was released so mine came from the 1st batch. I'm pretty sure some stores might still have the first batch. Try calling around.
  8. actually... the new canvas has been discussed before.. it seems more "flimsy/thin" etc because it IS NEW canvas. they (LV) have made the canvas to be more well, canvas like, rather than the stiff hard luggage like it used to be.
  9. i don't get the big deal of why people like it better when it's made in france? everything i buy is made in france because i buy it either from europe or shops out of the us and they don't receive bags made in us? but still i wouldnt care if my bag was made there, it's not a big deal. a louis vuitton is a louis vuitton.
  10. Jinsun I can see your point. We pay a lot of money for french luxury goods and there's nothing wrong with wanting something that says LV Paris...made in France. It makes sense to me.

    Now here's my opinion on the Damier Speedy 30 (Made in France and I got it yesterday from Elux): The bag is very lightweight, but this is good for a handheld bag. The textile lining is also very lightweight. This could be regarded as flimsy (at first) but I won't know until I carry it for awhile. But I definitely see your point. I'll have to give an update after I carry it for a week or so. If you aren't happy in any way just take it back with no regrets!
  11. I know a lot of people prefer bags made in France. Maybe you can bring it back and exchange it.:idea: I am enjoying mine very much and mine is made in France (not that it matters to me).