Damier Speedy

  1. I never really liked LV bags-but, i am starting to like this one a lot. is it ultra expensive? And, where onlien can I look at a REAL one?
  2. Will be out tomorrow June 1st. I heard Eluxury will have that tomorrow. Just check out at www.eluxury.com
    I know the price for speedy 30 : $585. I will pick up mine tomorrow..
  3. It's on the LV site: http://www.louisvuitton.com/

    Same prices as the Mono - the Speedys are great first bags as they are lower priced than other styles, they are timeless in style, they are light, and they hold a ton!
  4. here are few pic's .. they do nothing for the bag. Cant wait to see actual photos from other Pf members
    damier speed 39.jpg speedy25 damier .jpg
  5. Oh yes-i really like that! Thanks ladies!
  6. as if i could ever forget, lv just called me and left me a message reminding me that they debut tomorrow and they will have both the 25 and the 30 ready for me to decide on.
  7. Do you know which one you want? I know you have gorgeous duomo already..
    I Def. will get 30..
    I can't wait for tomorrow...
  8. the 25 is 565. but isnt LV raising prices tomorrow? i thought i heard 7% so i guess that would bring the bag to just slightly over 600 for the 25.
  9. From other thread, it says the price increase will effective June 13 or 14..something like that. I hope not tomorrow
  10. I just spoke with my SA and she said prices are not going up yet, but def. soon. So the Damier Speedy 30 is def. gonna still be $585 tomorrow - HTH
  11. ahh cant wait for the launch of the damier speedies, even though i wont be getting one :sad:
  12. I'm getting a 25 tomorrow and will post pictures!! :smile: Yay!!
  13. A SA from Rodeo, Beverly Hills called my bf to remind him that we need to pick mine up tomorrow. Too bad he's out of town until Friday morning so I won't get mine until then.. Regardless I'm am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!:biggrin:
  14. It's so beautiful in person. Can't wait to see everyone's speedies tomorrow! :biggrin:
  15. Anyone else looking at the Damier Keepall 50 tomorrow, too? My DH is really thinking about it but he says he likes the Carryall but they only do SO as of now for Carryalls :sad: