Damier Speedy

  1. Is this a new bag? I thought it was a staple like monogram canvas speedy. Why is it so hard to find right now?
  2. It won't be hard to find as of June 1st - it will be mass produced. Up until now it was SO only.:biggrin:
  3. what is SO?
  4. Special Order
  5. aha...but LV has come out with in before, right? or is this the first time?
  6. As far as I know, all Damier Speedy bags had to be SO but as of June 1st, 2006 they are becoming a part of their reg. collection. Correct me if I am wrong.:biggrin:
  7. You've got it right, LV_Addict. :smile:
  8. will they be the same price as the regular speedys?
  9. From what I've heard, they will be.
  10. They will be the same price.

    They have not made them before unless it was special order...and I believe they stopped taking them about..6 months ago (something my SA was talking about..I wasn't really paying close attention)

    If you've seen alot of them before, you must have been seein' fakes :smile:
  11. i haven't seen them, but i guess i just assumed I had...
    i was planning on getting a monogram canvas speedy, but the damier is growing on me now!