Damier Speedy?????

  1. I want to branch out from my mono collection, is the damier the next step?? :confused1:
    I am looking at getting a speedy. Or is Epi the next best choice? TIA!
  2. I'd be tempted to go into Damier, I don't like the stiffness of Epi.
  3. IMO damier looks a bit masculine. id go with epi or vernis.
  4. damier! epi's kinda stiff i agree.
  5. I love Epi, so elegant and classic. For Damier I like the Azur best.
  6. Damier ebene for sure! :heart: it in the speedy!
  7. I would go with damier, so many great bags in the line.
  8. The Damier Speedy 25 was my first non-monogram piece. It is a nice bag and easy to care for. Looks new for a long time and good price. If not the Speedy then I'd look at the Saleya.
  9. Damier speedy holds a ton, is weather proof and can hold up to a lot of use and abuse. Not that I abuse my bag but it still looks new.
  10. Go with the Damier. I have the Damier Canvas Speedy 30 and I absolutely love it.
  11. for speedy i prefer damier, especially azur :love:.
  12. Damier speedy 30 would be my choice. It is sooooooo pretty in person!
  13. damier speedy for me as well !!! YAY :yahoo:
  14. So it sounds like I should get the damier speedy. You guys are great. Thank you. :tup:
  15. Chiming in on the Damier! More classic, though an Epi piece would be your next must-have! :cool: