Damier speedy

  1. So when I went to LV on Wednesday I had asked about the release of the damier speedy. One girl told me most likely not until Fall, while another SA told me in the summer.

    It's so messed up how the release date is not certain! I haven't recieved my mono 25 yet and I'm already dying to have the damier!:love:
  2. Bonjour, I asked for the Damier Speedy in an LV Boutique in France. They told me they never heard about, the Speedy is the main old star of LV and they don't think it could be denatured on day except in special order !
  3. I was in LV this week and the SA told me that the Damier Speedy would be coming out this summer.
  4. I just called 1866VUITTON two min. ago and the lady said that it is going to be a part of their collection from now on, the sizes are 25 (US$700.00) and 30 (US$720.00) and the release date is June. I hope this helps.:biggrin:
  5. Ok so we have established that the SAs have no clue about the Damier Speedy :smile:

  6. ^^ Some of them don't. Remember how some PFers asked about the price increase and some never heard about it including the 1-866? LOL.
  7. Thank you for getting the facts! ;)
  8. I SOd one 2 years ago and then I sold it. It is a great bag though. I couldn't wait for it to come out.
  9. Thanks for the info. :biggrin: Hmmm if it isn't going to be the same price as the Mono Speedy, I think I might just get the Damier Papillon. ;)
  10. I couldn’t believe that the price isn’t the same as the Monogram Speedy.:amazed:
  11. I agree!

    What could possibly cause the damier to be a higher price point, other than demand? The alma's in both styles are the exact same price. I WONT be buying the Damier speedy if they try to jack up the price.
  12. LV addict-Thanks for clarifying that up. Hopefully that is the truth and not another unsure fact coming from those people. I am happy that it will be out in June but I'm not so sure I want to spend $700 :worried: They should make the prices the same!!!!
  13. Agreed! The almas are a perfect example. Same price, same design. Why should LV try to rip us off on the speedys. Gets on my nerves!
  14. The Damier Speedy probably involves more "work" to make sure the check/squares line up along the seams. I think that it's probably "easier" to line up the mono canvas.

    I have been trying for years to S/O a damier keepall and I have always been told it can't be done because of the production process and how hard it is for them to get a good quality (ie lined up) piece, so they just won't do it!

    Now, of course, I hear that not only are they putting out the speedy as a regular item (after I finally broke down last year and got my own s/o one made!) but are also going to be producing keepalls in Damier as well !

    There is just no rhyme or reason as to LV !
  15. A SA just told me they may not be able to make the June deadline as there is some kind of delay. I was also hoping the prices would be more similar to the mono speedys. Perhaps it's the red interior they are putting in?