damier speedy vs monogram speedy

  1. as you all know from my prior post, i'm getting a new lv...it's been about 12 years since i've owned an lv (sold others on eBay...DON'T EVEN ASK!) and now i'm trying to decide between the d.s. and the m.s...would love to hear your views and thoughts...i love satchels...would love any feedback!
  2. Mono can be dressed up or down, and IMO damier should stick with dressed up....

    I'm a little partial, I've never really been a damier kind-o-girl
  3. Plus, you can get the mono in a 35. Damier can't be purchased as a 35.
  4. I think damier is better. I never care about LV monogram cnavas.
  5. I love both of them.
  6. The Mono Speedy is the definition of LV. EVERY GIRL should own one!
  7. This is a tough decision, I love both of them. But I think mono is more classic than damier in speedy style. And you can get it in 35.
  8. i'm either looking for the 25 or 30....does anyone here own the damier? i love the look of it...it says LV but in a subtle way...i don't want to grow tired of a bag that quickly...so difficult to make up my mind!!!
  9. Mono - I Love mine! I could never get into the checkerboard pattern on the damier. Some choose damier because its more subtle and doesn't scream LV, but honestly it is just as recognizable as mono. I do admire the damier on others though. I would go try them on and see them in person. Good luck with your choice - either would be fabulous!:tup:
  10. ITA:tup:
  11. If you're just starting to reacquire your lv collection, I say, get the one you love most right now...chances are you'll probably end up with more than one speedy eventually, right? They're such classic items
  12. I'm new to LV, too and got the Damier Speedy 25 last Tuesday (even though I got the Mono Speedy 25 a month ago). I've been using the Damier Speedy ever since. I love it - don't have to worry about the vachetta showing dirt, it is subtle, although as someone has mentioned still easily recognizable.
    I'll probably use the Mono Speedy more when the weather warms up. (That will be a while yet, though).
    Hope this helps somewhat.
  13. leema, would you use the damier in the summer? also, my daily "stuff" is a pda, wallet, makeup case, keys and cell phone...mints, too...is the 25 big enough?
  14. I personally love the monogram. It's just so classic :smile:
  15. ^^ oh yes! I'm sure I'll be carrying it in the summer. :yes:
    It sounds like the 25 should be big enough for you as well.
    My daily stuff sounds much the same as yours:
    PDA, cell phone (and it's not a particularly slim one either), my wallet is a little brick (4"X3"X1.5"), makeup bag, pack of kleenex, ... (now that i'm looking i should have left some of this stuff out when started using this bag. :p)
    There's still plenty of room, when I tip the bag I can feel everything sliding from one end to the other.
    (sorry, too much info?)