Damier Speedy vs. Monogram Speedy, does one sag less than the other or about (ro)

  1. the same? I'm curious because the Damier canvas always seems a little stiffer than the Monogram.

  2. I don't have the answer to your question (sorry!), but I love sag! I think the Speedy looks better with a little sag. When it is too stiff it looks like a doctor's bag (not a sexy look, IMO).
  3. Damier sags a little (real little) bit less than mono speedy. I made nice felt-covered cardboard bottoms for all my speedy's though, cause I can't stand the sag and the bag looks so much better in it's original shape! JMHO.
  4. I love the sag! I was at the LV store on Saturday trying on speedys and the SA was taking out all the stuffing so I could appreciate the full effect of the sag in the different sizes! ;)
  5. IMAO .... since I have both I think they sag they same. ;) YUp, the sagging makes it look nicer.
  6. i think the mono sags a bit more
  7. I think they sag the same...but visually the mono seems to sag a bit more.
  8. Funny, I thought the Damier speedy sagged just a lil more than the Mono. The Mono seems thicker to me. (IMO) But didn't they recently start making the Mono more supple? I believe I read that somewhere...Perhaps my Mono was made before "this" change. :shrugs:
  9. I like the Mono a tad bit saggier than the Damier, since I consider my Mono 30 to be a more casual bag, that's why I bought the Damier in 25, the smaller version looks a little more structured. My friend has the Damier in 30, though and it's not any different than the Mono, it's the same material, just a different color.
  10. I have both Damier and Monogram and the Monogram does get a bit softer in the sunlight I found, and it sags probably a little bit more but I love the sag! Hope I helped you...
  11. I agree!
    I don't think the 25s sag so much in either canvas, but I know that I really do like some sag.
    I don't have a bottom on any of my bags...I let 'em hang looowwww.....:okay: (well, not that low - I don't carry that much)......:graucho:
  12. I have an older mono speedy and an azur I recently bought... the leather in the azur seems much much thinner than my older mono...I also read this somewhere else in the forum... my mono sags less
  13. Love your LV collection!
  14. The mono sag a little bit more than the damier ebene. Even the mono canvas is a little bit softer than the de. I know this because I have both. And I checked it alson in the store with their bag.
  15. I have DE & Mono in 30. I think the DE sags more. But then again I use my DE more.