Damier Speedy, Trevi or Riberra?

  1. Hi everyone, I want to buy my first Damier Canvas bag but cannot decide which one to buy, there is a serious price difference as well...I love Speedy but already have one in Monogram Cherry so not sure if I should get another one in Damier or a bag that is a bit more different...:confused1:

    Which one would you buy? Thanks for any opinions:tup:
    LV damier canvas speedy 25, 300 liber.jpg LV damier canvas speedy 30, 310 liber.jpg LV riberra, 535 liber.jpg LV Trevi.jpg
  2. Trevi! It's really versatile and it's kind of different. I love the pleat.
  3. Trevi!!!! I am trying to save up for one too. Yea, you can get 2 speedy for the price of 1 Trevi... Oh, I am going to have be so tempted to just get a speedy since it is less expensive
  4. I would vote for the Trevi too, it can be a handheld bag or a shoulder bag... Plus, it is really pretty :tup:
  5. I love my damier speedy, but I also really want the Trevi. I would start with the speedy if its your first, can't go wrong it.
  6. Can't go wrong with the speedy...
  7. Trevi!
  8. i've been eyeing the Trevi (of course)...but i'd say start with a speedy first! it's nearly double the price for the Trevi!
  9. Trevi...it's a hot bag!!! I was never a damier lover until I saw this one!
  10. I also love my Damier speedy, so that would be my first choice.
  11. i'm going through this now(at least the ribera and trevi) i've been debating on whether to sell my ribera for the trevi. i love it bit don't really need two damier bags
  12. I sold my damier speedy to help fund the Trevi. I also didn't want two damier bags. The Trevi is the first damier bag that really made me go, WOW.
  13. Definately Trevi! If you didn't already own a speedy, I would have said speedy!
    Something about the Ribera.. I have never been overly fond of that style.
  14. trevi gets my vote ... love the way it's a handheld and can be a shoulder bag as well:yes:
  15. I have the damier speedy but I'm going to say go for the Trevi! :smile: