Damier speedy questions from LV newbie

  1. Hi ladies!

    LV newbie here eyeing a damier canvas speedy 25 with really keen eyes. :graucho: I think i'm gonna get one soon and there's some stuff I hope I could get help with...

    are there different shade variations for different batches of damier canvas? should the shade of the canvas be something i should be looking out for (to make sure it doesn't look washed out or faded etc.), or can i safely assume that all damier canvas is in the same shade?

    also, i read on some forum that LV is gonna change the damier speedy lining from red to brown. It could be some really crazy rumour, but could anyone confirm is there's any truth in it? i checked the LV website and elux and the linings are still red..... I :heart:the red lining....

    much appreciated. :heart:;)
  2. I haven't heard or read anything here about the speedy lining being changed, and this forum is usually up on everything lol, so I doubt it. The new Neverfull in damier is going to have a red lining, so I think red linings are going to be staying around.

    And I don't think different bags will have different shades of canvas.
  3. thank you ilikepenguins!

    gotta love the collection in your avatar ;)