Damier speedy pushed back?

  1. I went into LV yesterday here in Oakbrook to put my name down for the Damier Speedy and he told me that it had been pushed back and that they weren't going to be in stores until September? I thought it was going to be June 1st? Or am I just the last to hear this?
  2. Whaa? My SA told me that they are being released on June 1st. I will have to give her a call and see if this is true :sad:
  3. I was in LV on Friday and my LV told me June 1st as well!

    We've all been waiting anxiously for June!!
  4. Hmm. I wonder If he didn't know what he was talking about? He said they had only taken one other name for it over there. I really want to know.
  5. [​IMG]Whatttt ????? better not..Every person I talked to ( SA, 1866) told me June 1st will be in stores..
    I can't wait until september..[​IMG] I am so looking forward for June.
  6. I really hope he's wrong. Someone here has to know. I will call Michigan Ave.
  7. i just preordered mine yesterday and the CSR on 1866 vuitton said june 1st as well. can't wait!
  8. Well I just called Michigan Ave and the SA told mt that they were looking at Mid-Summer probably July but that she couldn't promise even that.
  9. Nooooo! :mad: I really wish they would finally get their info straight. :cry:
  10. I would highly recommend calling the LV 1-800 number. Every time anyone calls there, they are assured that it's June 1st.

    I know the SAs at Sak's had no clue about it. I would think the SAs at LV would have their info straight, but you never know.
  11. Maybe the official launch date is June 1st but who knows when the stores will actually get them in stock? :hrmm: I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for next week. The SA I spoke with at NM last weekend said September but I figured she was mistaken. I hope!:shame:
  12. Oh yeah...I'm finding the SAs at locations other than the actual LV boutique are confusing it with things coming out in the fall. They've also been clueless about the price! :rant:
  13. I just called LV at Neiman Marcus (Tysons Galleria) and the SA told me that it will be mid June... She's not guarantee a/b June 1st:rant:
    Anyhoo, i put my name on the waitlist, just to be sure. Can't wait for the Damier Speedy!!!!:love:
  14. The sooner the better!! I can't wait!:smile:
  15. I was told June 1 by the LV Vienna store yesterday.