Damier speedy - possible problem?

  1. I just got my Speedy 30 a week ago, and I noticed that on one of the darker "squares" there appears to be a slight waxy or gluey looking thread on it....looks like it almost could be excess coating or something? It's very small, but of course I know its there........so it jumps out at me.

    What do they coat the canvas with, and has anyone ever noticed that on one of the damier bags? I don't want to pick at it or anything, I was just gonna leave it alone, but I wanted to make sure it was nothing major. It's really tiny, so I feel nuts for even asking.......but well, you know how it is.

    Any thoughts?
  2. see if you can exchange it for another one since you're still within the 14 day policy. if it's gonna bug you now, it'll bug you for life.
  3. I would try exchanging it. They're very nice about it.
  4. Don't worry about it. I think it's just excess coating. I know exactly what you are talking about: the "thread" is approximately the width of a hair, it's a bit squiggly, and it's just under half a centimetre long. I had the exact same thread (just one) on one of the squares on my Damier wallet. I left it alone. I didn't pull it or "pick" at it. Eventually, it fell off by itself. And I've used my wallet on a regular basis for the last several years and it's in perfect condition. Nothing "unravelled", if that was what you had been concerned about.
  5. Yes, thank you, eyelove.....that seems to be exactly what I am talking about...it is so small, but added a tiny bit of gluey discoloration to that square....it must be fairly loose, because it looks like it's barely hanging there, hardly looks attached at all. I guess in time, it'll fall off like yours did.

    My fear was that it would cause a rip or something down the road...but I feel better knowing your wallet hasn't had any problems.

    Thanks so much! I feel better about my lovely new baby.....:yes:
  6. You're welcome! :smile:
  7. I think you should exchange the bag...unless you are going to for sure not let this bother you...

    Little things like that tends to drive me crazy and better safe than sorry. :yes:
  8. Yeah I've had that happen on a couple bags but I just picked it off myself. I did made sure it wouldn't ruin anything though and it didn't.