Damier Speedy pics

  1. Forgive me if these have been posted already, I just happened upon them under completed ebay auctions.

    The pics of it from the catalog look great! :heart:

    Ugh....Foxfire won't let me paste from my cut (LOL) so here is the auction #.

  2. i agree, now i want a Damier speedy too !
  3. the damier speedy looks much gorgeous IRL -- i should know...i got mine last friday :smile:
  4. Is that a 25 or 30 goldengirl?
  5. Hi Missypoo,

    I have the size 30 :smile:
  6. ^^ did you special order it? i preordered my 25. can't wait!!
  7. Yes, I had to put my name in the waitlist. Fortunately, I was the first one in it. Only 2 DS were delivered - 1, 25 and 1 30!

    It is the same price as the mono and looks chicer IMO :smile:

    The DS is going to be part of their regular line, but I guess the LV guys are trying to 'feel' how in-demand it is going to be, so they only have limited stocks on hand at the moment and varying launch schedules all over the world :smile:
  8. Can you post pics? :nuts:
  9. i'll try to take more pics -- the only one i have so far is the one in my avatar -- taken right after the SA took out the DS from its dustbag at the store :smile:

  10. If any of you ladies are getting the Damier Speedy, I'd recommend the 30 because I saw the 25 and 30 IRL and my heart goes straight out to the 30! Not to mention the gorgeous red lining!
  11. everytime i see a pic of a daimer speedy... i want it more and more!!!
  12. just saw the Damier Keepall 45 at the Crown casino LV here! me likey a lot... shame i already have a Mono Keepall *sigh*
  13. Me too! :lol: It's so pretty :heart:
  14. It's not going to have the orange lining?? Red lining as in like the White MC speedy?? That velvety like material? Or is it some other type of material?? Anyone have pics of the inside of the new damier
    speedy??:huh: Thx!

  15. I think it's the burnt orange (which can look red in some light), not the deep red inside the MC.