Damier Speedy: Peeling handles???

  1. hi guys, i need your advice.
    i just got a brand new damier speedy 30 two weeks ago, and i noticed a couple of days later that one of the handles felt slightly rough, but didn't really inspect it all too closely. today, i carried my speedy again (to the LV xmas party) and noticed that the rough spot seems actually to be the finish of the leather peeling off!!! it is very very small, on the underside of the handle (where it is a bit wrinkly). i dunno if i am being anal...but i definitely didn't damage the bag...should i take it for an exchange, or just live with it?

    i really tried to get pix to show you it, but it is so minimal it doesn't show up. here a pic showing where on the handle it is.
    Photo 7.jpg
  2. Did you see my post about the wrinkly handles? I wonder if the ones that are wrinkly are more prone to peeling. I would definitely return it if I were you. In fact, your post has convinced me to exchange mine for one with smooth handles.
  3. ^^^really? hmpf. i have a 25 as well, and she is absolutely perfect...maybe it was a bad batch???
  4. My damier speedy handles had the problems of the glaze peeling, not rubbing off due to use, but PEELING. and it was 3 months old. I took it to the store to get it checked and the lady was like.. this is weird.. and she exchanged my bag right then and there for a brand new one. :smile:

    However I am very paranoid of it happening again.. I am super extra careful on how I carry my bag now. D:

    I would definitely take it in and get it looked at!
    Your purse is too new to be doing ANYTHING.. and purses couple years older don't even do that!! O:
  5. it's really strange too, cuz it is on the inside 'side' of the handle, which i barley come into contact with. i have carried the bag maybe 5 times, so it def. isn't due to 'wear and tear'. will go tomorrow after work, and post what happens!
    wish i had noticed it today while i was there getting my pomme agenda :hysteric:
  6. UPDATE!!!!!
    i went into the store today after work, cuz it really started to bother me once i realized that it is a defect....and they were great!!! my sa wasn't working today, but another sa who had helped me before came over and had a look at it. she said she thought it might be glue and tried to rub it off, and i told her, i had tried that too, but if you hold it up to the light, you can see that the finish actually peeled off a little, and she said 'that's true!' and got another sa over to have a look as well, and the second sa said 'and the tab isn't nicely attached to the bag either (which i hadn't noticed until she pointed it out, but the tab is put on a bit crookedly). replace it.'

    they unfortunately didn't have any more damier 30s in (seems i bought the last one two weeks ago!) and forgot to order them in. she says they hope to get more in by this friday, but definitely just after xmas. she said that i can use and abuse the bag in the meantime (will be sent back to lv anyway) and will call me as soon as my bag is in, and gave me her card.

    LOVE LV!!!!! i of course will carry the bag with the same care and respect of all my bags, but it is good to know that i will get a new one soon!!! :yahoo:
  7. phew! Congrats on the good news! Hope your next Damier speedy 30 is a perfect one! :flowers:
  8. yay! I'm glad it worked out for you!
  9. i couldn't get a close look at the pic, but nice to hear it all worked out with your LV store! :smile: yay!
  10. That's great news. :yes:
  11. thank goodness!
  12. that's really REALLY great new, the first one was really dissapointing to read but i'm glad good news is in the air. i'm glad to hear that the other SA was being honest about the crooked tab, i hope that i'll have such wonderful SAs in the future to come. good luck!
  13. Glad to hear the good news!!
    Thanks for sharing your experience...as I am thinking of purchasing a Damier Speedy 30 myself.
  14. i can definitely recommend it, my first one was perrrfect (25), i guess i just didn't look close enough when i got the 30! (maybe someone at LV had a bad day when they made my bag) but in the end there will be a happy ending :yes:
  15. Any chance you could post some close-ups of that peeling, since I was just about to buy a Damier piece.....thanks in advance.

    Oh, and BTW, I'm glad you are able to exchange it....!!!

    WHERE was that Speedy made, BTW???