damier speedy or ribera?

  1. which would you choose?

    speedy 30 or ribera mm
    speedy.JPG ribera.jpg
  2. Gosh that is a hard one, I LOVE the Ribera, it's on my want list, and I love the new speedy. UGH!!! I think the speedy style is a bit more casual and the Ribera is dressier if that helps any.
  3. I am not really a big fan of the damier collection, but I do like the ribera better than the speedy, the shape is very lovely. IMO
  4. I like the speedy :biggrin:
  5. hey! i thought the speedy one hasn't come out yet!! where did you find it!
  6. Ribera MM> Love the style and shape.
  7. just wondering, is it possible to get an additional shoulder strap for the ribera? If so, i think the ribera would be a better choice!
  8. I like the ribera's shape a lot, and I do feel that it is quite unique looking. So.. that would be my choice !
  9. I love both as well.
    Do like you a bag that is more slouchy or more structure?
    If you like slouchy go for the speedy if you want more structure go with the ribera.
    You really can't go wrong :smile:
  10. Love both so it's a hard choice. I think I'd go with the Speedy. :biggrin:
  11. they've had pics up on vuitton.com
  12. between those two, definitely the speedy.
  13. Thanks! :P
  14. Speedy
  15. are you special ordering the speedy? i just talked to my SA and a LV customer rep and they said it will be available late spring to early summer....