Damier speedy OR Mulberry euston?

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  1. what do you think? :confused1:
  2. I say damier speedy!!
  3. vote for Speedy!of course!hehehe
  4. I'd love to say DAMIER SPEEDY :yes:
  5. Speedy but I´m partial
  6. damier speedy!
  7. I love the damier speedy bc it's such a worry-free bag. For me, it's the best rainy day bag a girl can have!
  8. Damier Speedy all the way! :yes:
  9. damier speedy. but I'm not a fan of Mulberry in general.
  10. Damier Speedy
  11. Mulberry Euston!

    I say that because there are a ton of Damier and Monogram Speedys around here. Actually there's a ton of LVs in general. I like to be different!
  12. wow, alot of lv speedy fans!!
    i think the mulberry eusto is more unique and "rare" that's why i love it + mulberry leather is just TDF i love it. on the other hand, the speedy is such a classis and i know it will grow with me and as mk1976 said it's worry-free.
  13. I like the Mulberry better.
  14. Damier Speedy. It's the ONLY LV bag i actually have my eye on. :smile:
  15. speedy!