damier speedy or mono lockit?

  1. ... for an LV 1st timer? i've been wanting to get the damier speedy 25, but i started liking the lockit more and more... :graucho:
  2. I have the Monogram Lockit Horizontal. I LOVE IT!! It's such a great bag.
    if you like small cute bgs, take a look at the Batignolles regular. soooo cute!
  3. I have the Lockit and the Damier 30. I think either one would be a great choice.
  4. I love my damier speedy 25.
  5. I have both and would probably choose the Speedy for a first LV!
  6. I vote for Damier Speedy!
  7. damier speedy gets my vote. it is for sure my go to bag.
  8. i have both but i find i use speedy has my vote as a more functional bag. can be dressed up or down. my lockit is in epi so prob that makes a different.
  9. Damier Speedy...You will not regret...I have mine in Monogram...Love it...
  10. Damier speedy! I'm a total speedy lover....have 4!!
  11. lock it
  12. lockit the design is awesome!!!
  13. lockit
  14. Damier speedy - go for the classic first.
  15. Damier speedy!!!! It's classic!