Damier speedy or lock it horizontal?


Which bag should i get?

  1. Lock it horizontal

  2. Damier speedy 25

  3. Damier speedy 30

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  1. I'm going to get my very 1st LV bag soon and i'm having a hard time deciding which one to get :wtf: . I'm going to be going to school so i was debating between the lock it horizontal and the damier speedy 25 or 30 i think 25 might be too small? but i also want to use it as an everyday bag. please let me know your opinion guys TIA :flowers:

    o yeah and i'm 5"2 lol if it makes a difference :nuts:
  2. Hmm, to carry books I'd get a sturdier bag than the speedy, which sags... otherwise the speedy's gorgeous!
  3. i have the Damier Speedy 25, and i'd still use it for school :yes:. i hate the shape of the Monogram Lockits :yucky:
  4. Lockit i think would be great. You'd ba able to carry book and have more then enough room for personal items.
  5. Get the Damier speedy 25, the Damier speedy 30 will look too big!!!! I went to the KOP today and tried on the Damier 25 and 30. The 30 looked too big on me (I am the same height as you) but the 25 was the perfect size... get the Damier speedy 25!!!!
  6. Get the Damier Speedy! I love mine. It's really durable - It's also light so if you are juggling books in a tote or backpack, you'll be able to throw everything else into the Speedy and it won't be heavy. I'd get the 25 - and I'm a fairly curvy person - I just thought the handles looked out of place on the bag - like a big bag with little handles in the middle. The 25 looks prettier to me - better proportioned. I carry a purseket thing, a porte tresor international wallet, a medium ring agenda, makeup case and then have the pockets filled up in the purseket and there's still lots of room (I put a water bottle in it with all that last night). I think it's plenty of room unless you take the kitchen sink. I also think the 25 is a prettier size for a college student. My daughter is in her senior year of college and she carries the 25. She said she felt like she would be setting luggage on her desk with the 30 and that people would figure she was carrying "way too much makeup" or something around!
  7. i voted for the Damier Speedy 25 - just so CUTE!!!
  8. I don't like the shape of the horizontal lockit at all, I don't mind the small one though except for the vachetta bottom.....I say dam. speedy 30....
  9. I choose the Damier Speedy 30 - I'm 5'2" as well and like the proportions of the 30 best!
  10. i don't like the lockit, my vote goes to the damier speedy 30!
  11. Damier Speedy 30
  12. im around your height. and i think the damier speedy 25 is just right. it sags lesser. and plus, it looks proportional to our height. moreover, just like yeuxhon. i hate the shape of the lockit.
  13. I know you want opinions on the Speedy & Lockit but for school maybe the Batignolles Hortizonal might be something to check out as it is a really good size and can be worn over the shollder. It could carry school books, folder, etc. and also make a great purse.

    Oh but it the ultimate choice is between Speedy or Lockit I would go with the Speedy. With the Lockit you will always have to worry about ruining the vachetta bottom.
  14. Lockit would be the best shape and size for your needs!!!:yes:
  15. Damier speedy 25 but I would also like to nominate the BH!!