Damier speedy or hampstead?

  1. Which one do you like better?
  2. Hampstead. I like that it is a shoulderbag.
  3. I like them both, but as the Hampstead is a shoulder bag (at least in mm and gm) and things are better to organize in it I would go for that one. If it is between the Hampstead pm as a handheld and the speedy I would go for the speedy as I am not a fan of open handheld bags and the speedy looks so great in damier.
  4. I have the Speedy and I'm waiting for a Hampstead in Azur. Not much help I know, but they're so different to me. Go with with what you don't have/what you need at the moment.
  5. Actually, I like Speedy but after a few times and so many women carry it here, I think I'll go for Hampstead :smile:
  6. speedy.
  7. speedy gets my vote.
  8. vote for Damier speedy!!
  9. I love the Hampstead!
  10. Speedy gets my vote!
  11. Damier speedy
  12. Speedy!!
  13. both
  14. I actually love both of these bags. I have the speedy but am seriously considering the hamstead. They are totally different............. Good Luck deciding.
  15. ahhhhhhhhhhh, I want both but I cant buy both. I love the damier because it is so no matinence, my boutique doest have the mm hampstead in stock, I hate waiting..........