Damier Speedy or Duomo?

  1. I just discovered Duomo from this forum and I think it's beautiful. Anyone owns one that can give me more information on it?

    I can't find any pricing information on E-Luxury... I would like to see more pictures of the Duomo and on someone... If you own it, what do you think about the Duomo??

    Which would you suggest to buy as my first LV, the Speedy or the Duomo?? :yes:

  2. My first and only LV piece is the Duomo, which I purchased about a month ago.

    I did consider the speedy because so many people love it, but I just didn't like the sag. I was looking for a work bag, and I thought the speedy was too casual. The duomo is so elegant, and boy can it hold a tonne.

    I've attached some photos of the Duomo, one off the eluxury website. Please excuse the mess behind me in the photo, DH is doing house chores (wonderful man!).
    Damier Duomo.jpg My Duomo.jpg Inside the Duomo.jpg Duomo1.jpg
  3. thanks so much for the pics!
    i will also be taking the bag to work...
    does the duomo sag at all?
    size wise... is it bigger than speedy 25??
    i didn't see duomo on elux... maybe it's out of stock...
    where did you buy it?
    and how much was it?
  4. The Duomo doesn't sag at all. I think Selena has a picture of the Duomo next to a Speedy.

    I purchased mine to Paris, and after the VAT refund it came to 748 Euros.
  5. Duomo. Its more original and it looks so sharp:yes:
  6. Duomo for sure. I fell in love with the Damier line after getting my Duomo. It is twice as expensive as a Speedy but well worth it. It does not sag. It is a beautiful, structured & very chic bag. Easily goes from day to evening (dinner out,etc). It sells out quickly when it does appear on Elux so you have to keep and eye out. You may have more luck calling the toll free LV # and have them hunt one down for you.

    Side note: Cili_padi, your Duomo looks great on you!
  7. Definitely the duomo.
  8. cili_padi, when you have a chance, could you take a picture of the duomo's bottom? and the end of the zipper?
    i am just wondering what's that little metal is...
    thanks soooo much :smile:
  9. Zzuliyta, photos attached. The metal bit is where the lock attaches to on the bag. Let me know if you need more information.

    Goldensx5: Thanks! I LOVE your collection, everything in it is wonderful.... sigh.... :girlsigh:
    Duomo2.jpg Duomo3.jpg
  10. thanks so much cili_padi...
  11. Both are classic. I think it comes down to how much you care about the sag factor.
  12. The duomo is kinda heavy but it doesnt sag.

    The speedy sags but its half the price of the duomo.

    Here's my duomo i hope it helps :smile:
    DSC00349.JPG DSC00350.JPG
  13. I say get the Duomo. I agree it looks sharp and elegant for the workplace
  14. Definitly get the Duomo!! if you're gonna get a speedy then make it a monogram!
  15. I LOVE this piece, girl get it!!:devil: