damier speedy or denim cruise mini pleaty??

  1. Hi! I'm new to LV. I got my first LV bag (mini lin speedy) 3 weeks ago. Since then I love LV very much. I bought vernis agenda last week and azur pochette yesterday.
    Today,my bf asked me which LV bag I like. He'll buy one for me for v-day.I'm thinking about damier speedy and denim cruise mini pleaty. But I cannot decide b'coz I like them both! :drool: . What do u think? Which one??:confused1: ?:rolleyes:
  2. Hi, choose Denim Stripe Mini Pleaty first, it's LE! You'd get Damier Speedy everytime but not with Denim Cruise ;)
    Btw, you've so lovely bf :graucho:
  3. I agree with lvgodiva!
    Go for the denim cruise, is soooooo yummy! i love the pleaty rayé, but is too pricey!
  4. I agree :yes:
  5. Oh, I would choose the damier speedy, but then i'm a damier fan
  6. I agree with the rest - I'd go for the limited edition mini pleaty. You can always get the damier speedy later, and your first piece is a speedy...might be nice to mix it up a little!
  7. Get the Customized Mini Pleaty!!!! It's SOOO HOT! ;)
  8. my vote is the denim cruise mini pleaty since you already have the mini lin speedy.
  9. Denim Cruise!!!
  10. Deffo the denim cruise,
    you already have a speedy, I think its good to build a rounded collection but at the end of the day its personall choice.
  11. speedy...................
  12. I have both hmmmm... the denim mini pleaty is very small for the money.
    I would say get the cruise first if you really want it besides if your bf is paying and its more money. It's easier to save up for the damier speedy b/c its cheaper.
  13. Damier Speedy! It's such a classic, and personaly i think it's more useful than Denim pleaty, welcome to tPF! The question i always ask myself when it comes to LE vs Classic, is do i truely love the LE design and will actually use it, or i just want it b/c it's LE?
  14. I would say the Damier speedy....its more functional. :yes:
  15. omgg ITA! thats so true. you will get much more use and (i believe lol..) fun and love out of the damier speedy, but still go for the one you love most!;)