damier speedy or damier papillon

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  1. I ordered a Damier Speedy and it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. But now I am thinking that the Papillon looks nice and am wondering if I should exchange it or not.
    I have both the pap and speedy in mono, and I like my speedy better. But I am loving the damier in pap too. But I love the Speedy. What should I do?
  2. Sounds like you're a speedy girl to me.
  3. I personally prefer the look of the pap- plus you get the cute little baby pap!
  4. I like the speedy, because I feel like my whole life fits in there. I say keep it. It's such a great everyday bag. One can never have too many speedies! ;)
  5. Damier Speedy.
  6. speedy!
  7. damier speedy forsure!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: :yes:
  8. Another vote for the speedy!
  9. I think you should keep the Speedy... I think it holds a lot more than the Papillon.
  10. I think the Speedy looks better and is more user-friendly. I vote for the Speedy.
  11. I'm always for Speedy's but I absolutely LOVE the Damier Pap! I'd get that one!:smile:
  12. My Damier Pap always got more compliments than my Speedy...
  13. Speedy for sure. I'm not a big Pap fan for anything other than the Cherry Blossom one.
    Plus, the Speedy looks adorable with a charm on it.
  14. pap
  15. i have both, and i have to say i use the Papillon more. the shape looks best in the Damier line, and it works as a shoulder bag for me too