damier speedy on eluxury

  1. Hello girls

    I got an email for elux notofying me of the new damier speedy......new arrivals.....but when I got to eluxury I don't see the new speedy on the website?

    Has it arrived at elux yet? I unfortunately deleted the elux email.....

    Is in on the website and I am just missing something...

  2. I think they are sold out right now :sad:
  3. Yes,they were on elu a couple of days ago. You need to keep checking back.
  4. Love the Damier Speedy just can't fathom bringing home yet another Speedy.
  5. You have to keep checking on the site because they had some of the Damier Speedy 25 yesterday. Now it's gone again.
  6. They did go quickly. But don't worry, they are part of the permanent line now, aren't they?
  7. thanks girls... I thought I may have been dreaming that I saw that email......

    thats good....I'll keep checking.......I am not sure I want one though....

    I dont have anything in the Damier.....but this website has caused such a stir about the new damier speedy....I am intrigued.....
  8. Well, if anybody wants to sell a Mono Speedy 30, just post your eBay link... *g*
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