Damier Speedy on Elux now

  1. The 30's in my cart....I can't make up my mind...I told myself NO MORE for now LOL.
  2. Doh, it's out of stock already! :roflmfao:
  3. it seems like they're only adding 5 a day. same thing happened to me yesterday. Had it in my cart, got up to wash hands, came back...gone.
  4. I did it! I ordered a 30! Had in in the cart for 20 mins while trying to decide and I just couldn't say no. I hope I don't get an email saying its out of stock!
  5. The bags are still available ladies! I'm sending my enabling spell your way ;)
  6. ^ hahhaa!! congrats angelica!!
  7. Thanks Jen! I'm so excited! Big pic presentation when i get it bwahaha!
  8. haha i just pressed "submit order" for the 25!! soooo happy and excited! happy early birthday to me..courtesy of d-a-d-d-y! :smile: love him!
  9. Congrats.
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